FODMAP Friendly Flavour Substitutes

Beginning the low FODMAP diet is tough. Tougher, in my opinion, than when I was misdiagnosed with coeliac disease and ate gluten free for a few months and definitely tougher than when I completed a dairy elimination diet. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I don't have coeliac disease or a dairy allergy. I am much happier having a malabsorptive disorder than an autoimmune disease, if I had to pick one of them.

It's the diet, though. When most people learn to cook, onion and garlic form the basis of many savoury meals - and I was no different. Not to mention that apple cakes were my favourite bakery item, with their buttery pastry, spiced apple filling and sweet icing on top. And who could pass up a milkshake every now and then? How was I supposed to cook without the supposed staples?

All this might sound scary but, I promise, if FODMAP malabsorption is the cause of your digestive troubles, the low FODMAP diet is worth the hassle of having to learn flavour substitutions - because that's all you have to do. Cooking without onion or wheat is not as scary as it sounds on day one!

Follow the links below for FODMAP friendly ingredient substitutions that will allow you to replicate the high FODMAP flavours that you miss.



  • Dairy-based products



  • Coconut-based products - coconut is actually FODMAP friendly in 1/4 to 1/3 cup serves (depending on the product), so you can continue to enjoy the flavour in moderation while on the low FODMAP diet.