2017 Food Advent Calendar "Spice It Up!"

Hey guys! This Christmas/holiday season I'm participating in a fun recipe advent calendar, run by Jenny, of Jenny is Baking. Each day a different blogger will gift a new recipe that features a different spice, to help inspire your Christmas/Holiday celebrations. Head over to Jenny's post to read all about it

If you haven't heard of an advent calendar before, it is a calendar used to count down the days before Christmas, typically a little door would pop open for each day and you'd find a piece of chocolate. I was never allowed one as a kid - but I'm not bitter and twisted, at all - so this is actually my first! Instead of getting a different chocolate each day, I get to see what all the other bloggers have come up with - and I'm pretty excited.

If you decide to follow along, please note that the other bloggers are probably not following the low FODMAP or gluten free diets; however, their recipes might still be okay - at the very least, you'll get some drool worthy holiday meal inspiration to help kick start your planning.

I'll be posting my contribution on the 22nd of December - a fresh salad that will work well as a side dish for anyone celebrating Christmas in a warmer climate, or for those who like to have a lighter option, even in winter. 

If you have any questions about the suitability of a recipe, please feel free to message me on The Friendly Gourmand's Facebook page or comment on this post. 

Spice It Up Food Advent Calendar

Check out the following blogs each day to open each new recipe (or see the list grow here). Remember, they won't all be low FODMAP or gluten free, so make sure to check out each recipe or ask me here for modification advice. If you are out of the low FODMAP diet elimination phase (and these recipes otherwise match up with any other intolerances you might have), feel free to treat one of these recipes as a food trial.