Chill Out with these FODMAP Friendly & Gluten Free Summertime Treats

Summer is in full swing in Seattle and it's getting hotter each year. Thanks, climate change.

While it might not get as hot as Melbourne does, the humidity and lack of a sea breeze, in combination with non-existent air conditioning in most houses/units, is a killer. We've also almost equaled the longest dry spell in history - 51 days - which is not something I expected when we moved over, given Seattle's well-earned reputation of constant rain. Our poor garden is suffering, as is Nellie - the heat plays havoc with her epilepsy but, thankfully, this year hasn't been too bad (*crosses fingers*).


On that note, completely unrelated to FODMAPs and IBS, I'd like to just ask everyone to please do the following:

  • Walk your dogs at the coolest time of the day - imagine walking barefoot on burning hot concrete!
  • Do NOT leave your dogs (or kids!) in the car unattended. Dogs don't regulate heat as well as we do, they only sweat from their paws and by panting, which becomes less effective as the air temperature increases. 
  • Make sure your pets have a constant supply of fresh water. We typically do a water change at breakfast and dinnertime.
  • If you can, leave out water for your local wildlife; they suffer in the heat, too.

Now, to help you combat the heat over summer, here is a collection of deliciously icy low FODMAP and gluten free recipes that will suit all tastes. 

These recipes were generously shared by the lovely bloggers and dietary professionals who created them - each photo will link back to the recipe and method. If you enjoy the recipes, please take the time to leave some comment love on their respective websites, which are...

Please take into consideration any additional intolerances or allergies that you might have in addition to FODMAPs (such as gluten or nuts) when deciding to make these recipes.

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