Delicious Low FODMAP BBQ Recipes for Everyone

You know you've had a long and miserable winter when it's the start of June and you're still wearing your winter-white shade #1 make up, not to mention you're feeling the toll that over six months of grey clouds and rain can take on your mood. 

The weather in Seattle is finally approaching what might pass as a Summer's day in Melbourne, so every man and his dog seems to be dusting off their tongs and novelty apron for a BBQ of some sort. It's actually so sunny that I decided to take my laptop outside to type this post, which happens precisely 1.5 times a year.  

Sun in Seattle is a big deal, we usually only get around three months of good weather a year, so we try to make the most of it by cramming in as many outdoor activities as humanly possible (and then some). I will probably be blinding someone on a hiking trail with my super white legs in the near future, so, fair warning, if you live nearby, wear your sunnies. 

So, in honour of their being no rain for an entire week (wahoo!), here is a list of recipes that are both delicious and tummy friendly that can be brought to a BBQ and enjoyed by everyone, whether they follow a low FODMAP diet or not. 

These recipes were generously shared by the lovely bloggers and dietary professionals who created them - each photo will link back to the recipe and method. If you enjoy the recipes, please take the time to leave some comment love on their respective websites, which are...

Please take into consideration any additional intolerances or allergies that you might have in addition to FODMAPs (such as gluten or nuts) when deciding to make these recipes.

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Breads and Buns

Please note that, while spelt sourdough bread is low FODMAP, it is NOT gluten free. Not all low FODMAP foods are gluten free, just as not all gluten free foods are low FODMAP - though there is some overlap. I have included the spelt sourdough loaf as many gluten free breads include high FODMAP ingredients, such as soy flour or agave syrup, so this is an option for those FODMAPpers who cannot tolerate gluten free bread products, or for those who cannot tolerate gluten free baked goods due to the gums, which, while not a FODMAP issue, can still trigger IBS in some people. 

Dips & Sauces

For the BBQ/Grill

Salads & Sides


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