Restaurant Reviews - Australia


As I visit restaurants, any stand out performances (good and bad) will be added here.


Foddies Cafe

I haven't eaten here (unfortunately it hasn't panned out each time I've been home) but I've only heard good things. Foddies has a range of low FODMAP, gluten free and other allergy/intolerance friendly foods in their cafe AND they have a store front to sell products you can take home. If that wasnn't enough, they now sell frozen meals, which can also be found in select locations around Melbourne. 

Fox in the Box

After having a very disappointing meal in the Italian restaurant next door to this place (watery risotto – ugh), I walked out and my Aunt pointed to the huge sign that read FODMAPS safe and Fructose Friendly on the window. Face palm! I wish I had had a chance to check it out while I was at home over Easter but sadly I didn’t get to. Their reviews are very promising, though. They don’t cook with wheat or onion, and are also gluten free. I wish there was a place like this in Seattle!

Red Robyn

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  • Location: 393 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell VIC - a few blocks southeast of Camberwell Junction

I have eaten here on multiple occasions, each time enjoying something different, delicious and completely low FODMAP! They have a great selection of breakfasts and baked goods; everything is gluten free, as well. Their banana bread is to die for.